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Welcome you all guys, we are here with our new topic. So, our topic for this post is ” Architecture government job in India”. Government job for architecture in India is one of the highest paying jobs in the field of engineering. The people who have taken B.Arch, B.Plan, B.Tech in civil engineering degree or have completed their masters in this degree can apply for an architect job in various sectors. Here below there is a list of job opportunities offered in completing a Bachelor of Architecture. You can choose by your choice and need.

  • Interior Designer
  • Cartographers
  • Department of Railways
  • Art Director
  • Urban Planner

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Interior designer

Here is our first job. It’s one of the most famous career opportunities opted by the architect candidate. The interior designer’s job is to plan, organize, research the interior of the office, room, etc. They plan to use the particular place effectively and efficiently. They are very helpful in making a beautiful and well-furnished house. The salary to them in India is about INR 3,57,433.


Here is our second job. They are the person who makes maps of various regions. They gather research and information and measure area accurately and then they draft out the map perfectly. The salary to them in India is about INR 63,000

Department of railway

Here is our third job. Indian railways give many employment opportunities to the people. The work of architects in the railway is to do the planning, designing metro stations, railway workshops, staff quarters, etc. The salary range is too high.

Art director

Here is our fourth job.
It’s an impressive job, that involves graphic designer, marketing, advertisement, film and TV, video game.
They have to create a culture of exploration by brand strategy and creative brief. Eligibility criteria: candidate must have complete graduation, must have a degree of bachelor’s in designing.

Urban planner

Here is our fifth job. It’s one of the finest jobs. They plan the decorum of a city on a political and technical basis. They are also known as city planners. They decide where various official buildings should be construed. Their salary range is INR 5,20,913

Pritam khurana

This is Pritam Khurana From Bihar. A boy from a small place having big dreams. I used to deliver content regarding government jobs in India. I hope that this might be useful for you.

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